Marcus Orochena

Keeping things simple

Modes of Communication


Choosing the proper mode of communication is extremely important to ensure clarity and productivity in business.

ModePermanent / AsyncQuickNuanced / DeepScales
Notion etc.YesNoYesYes
Phone CallNoYesYesNo
In Person MeetNoNoNoNo
Video MeetNoNoNoNo


  • Permanent / Async: Does the mode of communication serve as future documentation? Is it easily findable and accessible in the future? Is it robust enough to handle the instance of someone not being immediately available?
  • Quick: Is it easy to brainstorm ideas or cover a multitude of concepts in brief period of time? Is the barrier to communicating low?
  • Nuanced / Deep Discussion: Does one have the ability to reference materials, provide thoughtful feedback, and explore topics in depth?
  • Scales: Can the communication be shared with others easily and propagate out from 1 to N easily?