Marcus Orochena

Keeping things simple

Favorite Color Problems


def sum_list_for(nums):
total = 0
for num in nums:
total += num
return total

# vs

def sum_list_while(nums):
total, i = 0, 0
while i < len(nums):
total += nums[i]
i += 1
return total
  • Favorite color problems occur when people have different opinions on how to solve a problem, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference.
  • It's important to recognize when a disagreement is a favorite color problem and not a real issue to avoid slowing down the process.
  • Even if it is a favorite color problem, you will still be able to identify pros and cons because there are pros and cons to everything. The important thing is to recognize when they are meaningful.
  • It's still beneficial to have multiple perspectives on a problem, but be aware of when you're engaging in a favorite color problem and when you're not to better frame the conversation.
  • Ask yourself if the differences between two approaches are meaningful, and if not, let it go and move forward with the most sensible approach.
  • Recognizing and being aware of your own preferences and biases can help avoid unnecessary disagreements and keep the focus on finding the best solution.