Marcus Orochena

Keeping things simple

Effective Meeting Tips


  1. Consider whether you really need the meeting or whether a message or e-mail would be more appropriate.
  2. Determine what type of meeting it is. Presentation? Decision? Brainstorming? Working session? Understand exactly what you are trying to achieve and what the role of each member in the meeting is.
  3. Ensure you prepare a brief in advance including all pertinent context and information, and what outcomes you hope to achieve.
  4. Allow everyone to read through said brief in silence for a few minutes at the beginning of the meeting. Don’t expect them to read it beforehand.
  5. Ensure that meetings are small enough for everyone to participate. You can provide a recording to those who may benefit from observing and allow them to review it at their convenience.
  6. Some specific types of meetings may be better in person, but most can be done remotely. Cameras don't matter for getting things done.